Which application to learn a language ?

Language is a culture that many people use as an identity. With the world now a global village, it is essential to know more than one language. The problem with learning new languages is there is little or no time to physically go to language centers. Thankfully, there are several apps where one can quickly learn any language. Here are the top best applications to learn a language.

Memrise App

Memrise is an excellent place to enhance your vocabulary skills. There are several courses you can learn in each language. It is indeed your go-to app where you can quickly get courses in any language.

The app employs a funny way of learning languages. It also has some advantages which include:

  • Easy to use
  • Free
  • Available on IOS and Android

Beginners who don’t know a language can start using two key features:Memes and gamification.


The ligualift App is a language service for those who want to learn a language seriously. This isn’t an app for beginners because it doesn’t start from scratch. It is meant for serious people who want to be taught by professionals.

Several online tutors are available 24/7 to answer your questions. You can learn more about grammar, syntax, and phonemes. It comes with features like:

  • Chatbot
  • Live resources
  • Homework functions

Rosette Stone

You can’t get a top 5 best language app without mentioning the Rosette stone. It is a popular language app that offers everyone good services. Rosette teaches language to people who want to start with the basics.

So, you will have to spend more time with the app before you become proficient. The app teaches people lexicon, words, and phrases without context. The problem is that by not adding context, using such words in real life is complicated. The features of this app include:

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  • Basic language training
  • It takes a while before you can learn
  • Great UX design


application learn english

The Duolingo language app is a learning tool that helps language-lovers easily translate other languages. It can become addictive, though, because it teaches people to use games. There are more than 120 million users already using the Duolingo app. Features of this app are:

  • Great learning settings
  • Free
  • 24/7 customer service

Hello Talk

A language app that helps facilitate learning foreign languages quickly. It removes any issues with honest-time communication. You can use the app to interact with native language speakers without text messages.

There is a corrective tool that users can use to correct one another. If you want a top language tool that works for many languages, this is good. Features of this language app include:

  • Integrated translation system
  • Live tutoring systems


The mind snacks language app takes learning to a higher level. Like the Duolingo app, this also has numerous gamification learning features. It teaches seven major languages and uses games to teach them all.

It is designed to teach people the grammar and vocabulary of the language. You will get to see simple lessons which you can test yourself with. Its features are:

  • Monitors users learning progress
  • Entertaining language app
  • Gamification feature


The Bussu app is available in both Andriod and IOS systems. The languages offered are 12, and they all come with essential details. While this language app is free, some features require you to upgrade before you can have access. The features are:

  • Uses simple dialogue and questions
  • Includes audio training
  • Offers paid and free versions


This is a similar app to Duolingo but offers more features. The free version has about 45 courses, and you can learn some words in the 13 languages it offers. This is a great piece of language tool which you can use to translate many European languages. Features are:

  • It uses pictures to teach languages
  • Adjusted courses using your skill level

Trip Lingo

Trip lingo is one of the best language apps for travelers who want to brush up their language skills. It’s great for those who want to learn how to speak a language on holiday. Trip lingo is a free language which is good for linguists and other language lovers. This language has features like:

  • Audio translations
  • Simple to operate
  • Free

Mosa lingua

Mosa lingua is an online language resource that works well for many European languages like French, Spanish, German, and Italian. You can start from simple lexemes to phrases and then numerals. Its features include:

  • It supports multiple European languages
  • Users can learn with real-life situations
  • Easy to navigate

Using the best language applications is a good decision for students, travelers, and remote workers. It saves time and embarrassment and brings you closer to foreigners.